Committing to youth employment: the CJD’s commitment in times of crisis: Un·e JD, un·e alternant·e

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On 24 August, the French government offered aid for recruiting work-study students. In line with this bonus, the CJD decided to encourage a massive recruitment of work-study students within its network of business leaders. We were aiming for 1500 open-ended contracts throughout the country. As of 30 October, we have 2044 open-ended contracts and 1768 signed contracts.

Even though France is once again in lockdown and our companies are going through difficult times, the CJD has once again distinguished itself by its commitment to a new generation in their professional training. In this uncertain period, our members continue to support their new employees, using remote or face-to-face working for more technical tasks. We hope that the professional experience they will gain will be enriching and motivating.

For the CJD, this project was fundamental at the time, and above all, reflected its commitment to the employability of young professionals for more than 80 years. For 59% of business leaders in our network, recruiting on a work-study program means sharing knowledge and skills with a future employee. This is a choice and a long-term vision for the company that plans to hire a so-called “junior” profile. A profile of this type is synonymous with fresh thinking and innovative practices for entrepreneurs. A godsend in a complex and ever-changing period!

While we are experiencing a health and economic crisis of rare complexity, recruiting young people into our companies was an act of solidarity and commitment to young people, but also a breath of fresh air for our companies”. Emeric Oudin, President of the CJD

This press release is accompanied by a more extensive press kit on the “Un·e JD, un·e alternant·e” project.

Download the press release