“They did not know it was impossible so they did it”. This is not just a quote by Mark Twain, it is the CJD’s state of mind! Our mandate was carried out entirely remotely, internationally. A constraint turned into an opportunity? Yes, it is possible for the CJD to work remotely. We adapted, we experimented and we succeeded in continuing to create even more links with our members around the world. The members of our EXCOM, coordinated and supported by our international team, promote our values daily in the 16 countries in which we are present. Always focused on structuring and professionalisation, we anchor the fundamental components of the CJD through training, sharing and experimentation. We remain close to our administrators, who lead the national associations and put in place the necessary assistance and support, to help them in the noble purpose of carrying the voice of the CJD in their countries, in particular by experimenting with our cornerstones in digital training and commission, by creating an international event thought out and designed by CJD International for our members and their ecosystem. We individually contribute our stone to the building and are collectively committed to a humanist approach for an economy that serves the people and the planet. The CJD is much more than an employers' movement, it is a human chain of 6000 leaders who believe that it is possible to achieve a better world. Dare to be a leader, differently! Afnane Zeroug, President of CJD International


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