that we all share and which come from our history:

  • Responsibility, to leave future generations a world in which life is good,
  • Solidarity, to give as much as you receive,
  • Loyalty, honesty and confidentiality when sharing,
  • Respect for human dignity, and the belief that mankind is good.

5 integration modules to understand how the CJD is a real-life experience, discover the movement’s values, experiment and live as a JD, to enable each member to raise their profile as leaders and meet facilitators, to explore “why” and “how” to learn, to deepen knowledge of the movement and its positions, to gain a first proficiency level in Collective Intelligence, for group dynamics, co-creation, co-decision and commitment to action.


actively in one or more working committees locally, in-house. To grow as a leader, to push your company and employees forward, as well as foster experimentation and reflection in your branch.

Our 140 international branches offer a monthly thematic plenary with leading actors from the community.


on all levels bring entrepreneurship and business in line with the CJD’s values.

Commitment is at the heart of our association’s core values.  Since 1938, our members have committed themselves to having a societal and ecological impact and creating a better world.

5 - Pay

an annual contribution in order to benefit from all of the movement’s services, on a local, regional and national level.

6 - Train

to benefit from the expertise of teachers selected by the CJD and thus grow in your role and enhance your profile as an entrepreneur-leader.


organised by the CJD are key: meetings for reflection and discussion on a topical theme, biannual conference, training meetings, etc.


in your company and implement the movement’s reflections, daring to experiment and compare practices with your peers. A real support for leaders on these topics, in particular the CJD relies on several working groups to structure these reflections


Respect the essential principles of transparency, confidentiality and goodwill, which are the basis of the mutual trust that the members of the CJD grant each other.

10 - Prohibit

the use of the CJD network for commercial or financial gain.

Be a CJD member

The CJD? It is the best school to learn leadership as a profession. Because we are not born leaders, we become one!

The CJD? True support for leaders for more than 80 years!

Be a JD?  It’s an experience in its own right and the best way to find out more is to meet up!

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