Your career path ?

After graduating from the ESC Chambéry Master’s program in 2007, I immediately set off on a VIE to Prague, where I’m likely to spend the rest of my life. I started my career in management control and quickly progressed to sales management positions, first with Essilor (ophthalmic lenses) and since 2014 with Zentiva (CZ’s historic generic pharmaceutical company). I became an entrepreneur in 2015 when I bought half the business of S Optic (my optical store in Prague 5) and quickly got a taste for it, so I set up a company importing optical frames…That’s it 🙂

Your CJD career ?

I joined the movement in 2015 and I’m very happy to have made this decision. I’ve met some wonderful people, grown as a leader (but not only) and really enjoy getting back to the section when we get the chance.

Your typical day :

1. I’m taking my daughter to nursery school.

2. I eat an orange in front of my e-mails.

3. I work efficiently so as to finish around 5:30-6:00 pm so that I can give my daughters their baths.

4. I have dinner with my wife and daughters and collapse from exhaustion at 10:00 pm.

A project you are enthusiastic about ?

My mandate of PDN ! I’ve got a great office around me, so it’s going to be a great experience. I just hope we get the chance to do most of our work face-to-face again.

A personality who inspires you and why ?

Tiger Woods for his perseverance and ability to return to the top after every injury…

A stake that particulary matters to you ?

The climat.

A dream for the future ?

That the greats of this world follow the JD’s path and adhere to our values, so that the economy is finally at the service of the Human and not the other way around.