Your typical day :

1. Up between 5:30 and 6 am. A few e-mails before breakfast with my wife and kids. Then it’s off to my company. I organize day-to-day business with my teams, holding meetings to improve day-to-day operations, solve problems, etc.

2. I’m often on the road in France with my teams to meet our customers.

3. The morning is devoted exclusively to my business. Afternoons and evenings can accomodate a few CJD moments.

4. My priorities are in order : my family and friends, my company and the CJD

A project you are enthusiastic about ?

To continue to develop my company wich works to improve farmer’s health and the environment while making our stakeholders more fufilled.

A personality who inspires you and why ?

Patrick BOURDET. Consultant, speaker and gestalt therapist, he is currently the author of « Rien n’est joué d’avance ». He is the founder of AREVA MED, a group subsidiary specializing in the development of a promising anticancer agent. Thanks to the CJD, I had the chance to meet Patrick and work with him on my business strategy and on myself.

A sake that particulary matters to you ?

Inclusion in general, the poor, gender equality, disability. Bringing our economic models closer together and improving our cohabitation with the planet.

A dream for the future ?

That JD companies become examples of how it’s possible to preserve the environment and make humanity happier. That there will be no more working poor in our companies.