Your carrer path ?

I’m an activist and entrepreneur in the event industry with 10 years of experience.

Your CJD career ?

I joined the movement in 2016.

I have take the Value and Performance, Visa + and Influence & Dynamic training courses.

I took part in the Seignosse Campus

Your typical day :

1. I start my day with my dawn prayer and put everything in place for my children and husband before going to work.

2. I check my schedule for the day, prioritizing my tasks.

3. After my meetings, it’s time to relax with my lunch break always in the company of a friend. Before continuing my activities, I try to check on my husband and my mother, my favorite ritual.

4. I end my day with my passion : basketball or the gym.

A project you are enthusiastic about ?

Increase the number of women in decision-making bodies in Guinea.

A personality who inspires you and why ?

Hadja Aissatou Mafory Bangoura was an activist for Guinea’s independence, and a Guinean politician after independence. She was the first woman minister in Guinea in the 70’s. Her career and her bravery inspire me to keep moving forward.

A stake that particulary matters to you ?

The development of women’s entrepreneurship in Guinea, a dream I want to realize.

A dream for the future ?

To become President of the Republic of Guinea.