Your typical day :

1. Follow my morning routine, the MAMBA Mentality before starting a beautiful day.

2. Devote 20% of my time to medium – to long-term projects.

3. CJD : Inspirational books and videos on personal development.

4. Interact with people to motivate them to move forward and adopt a positive state of mind.

A project you are enthusiastic about ?

I’m particulary inspired by a senegalese initiative to combat COVID-19 #DAANCOVID19, which brings together private and public digital players in Senegal on a voluntary basis. It’s the ultimate proof that unity is strengh and that new forms of collaboration are possible.

A personality who inspires you and why ?

Mohamed Ali inspires me enormously by his career, his perseverance, his commitment to his community. His state of mind is impressive. Always ready to fight.

A stake that particulary matters to you ?

The influence and development of African entrepreneurship is a cause that drives me to get up every morning. I want to move forward and then pass on my knowledge through exchanges and courses, so that younger people can benefit from it. Transmission is my passion.

A dream for the future ?

I dream of the United State of Africa. Dakar, Abidjan, Niamey, Ouaga are my cities and Africa is my country.