International Partners

The ‘Groupe des Relais Internationaux’ (International Group of Partners) is a working group within CJD International comprising active CJD members from all over the world; their coordination is supported by employees from CJD International. It meets twice a month to identify and facilitate international links between JDs (our members’ nickname for “Young Leaders”), by providing them with relevant tools.



Evaluating and enhancing
international actions
of each region


Identify, develop
and promote tools
reusable by all


Bringing together and supporting
international JDs
and animate the community


Inform and influence
by disseminating testimonials and
communicating on initiatives to
make the CJD more visible

Nina Heindrichs

CJD Espagne Relais international

Adel Belabbas

CJD Algérie Relais international

Xavier Delanoy

CJD Haut de France Relais international

Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

President CJD Belgium

David Roger

CJD Madagascar Relais international

Arnaud Guilleux

CJD Rennes Relais international

Youssef Baltagi

CJD Grand Tunis Relais international

David Ramodiharilafy

CJD Pays de la Loire Relais international