Mélanie Berger

President CJD France -

"At the CJD, we bring together leaders who are committed to creating new paths! Taking on the presidency of this movement for 2 years is a responsibility, but also an opportunity to take action at the heart of the turning point that scientists are advising us to take.

The CJD is first and foremost a collective that wants to propose a different way of building society, of putting the economy at the service of the living, of being the third way towards a world of happy, fulfilled and generous sobriety. We have a UNIQUE opportunity to take control of our choices, to rethink our economic models, our lifestyles, our journeys, our ways of getting together, our modes of production and consumption.

During our term of office, we will be taking our members on a journey of positive reorientation, driven by 3 words: love, dare, accelerate.
DARE: we want to preserve life and rethink the world of tomorrow, by changing our economic and social models. Because tomorrow's world requires courage and daring.
LOVE: we think we need to listen to each other, understand each other better, take care of each other, pool our work and stimulate our creativity. Because tomorrow's world needs love and empathy.
ACCELERATE: we want to accelerate individual awareness so that we can take collective action. Because tomorrow's world is already here today.

To look beyond these two years, our ambition is to propel the CJD as the School for Leaders who are reinventing themselves.

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Les 3 secteurs d'activité principaux des JD :

Construction, building, public works

Services for individuals, local authorities and businesses

Banking, insurance, financial services

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POPULATION 66,73 million (2021)