Zaineb Lazreq

President CJD Morocco -

Her top priorities for CJD Morocco :
The economy at the service of life remains our priority, with people and the planet at the centre of our concerns.

A stake that particularly matters to her:
The challenge of inclusion in all its dimensions. Inclusion of the young, the not-so-young, the very different, the not-so-different, the conformists and the anti-conventionals... inclusion of all those who want to contribute to the creation of an economy that serves life and who share the values of our movement.

An important quote for her:
"Live each day in gratitude and faith" Omar Khayyam.

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Les 3 secteurs d'activité principaux des JD :

Administration, civil service

IT, telecoms

Education, training

Would you be a model entrepreneur in Morocco?

We avoid talking about dromedaries and the Sahara as symbols of Morocco.

Change habits on the pretext that it's "not the best way to work".

Pay attention to payment deadlines.

Avoid talking about politics and religion.

POPULATION 37 million (2023)
CURRENCY Moroccan dirham