Ewen Extier

President CJD Czech Republic -

His top priorities for the CJD Czech Republic
To strengthen the CJD's influence in the Czech Republic and add new members to the existing group.

A stake that particularly matters to him:
- Convincingly developing friendly exchanges between entrepreneurs and business leaders based in the Czech Republic.
- Identify and harmonise a common meaning to be visible and influential.

An important quote for him:
"We have two lives. The second begins when we realise we have only one (Confucius)

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Les 3 secteurs d'activité principaux des JD :

Retail trade, mass distribution

Hotels, restaurants, tourism

IT, telecoms

Would you be a model entrepreneur in the Czech Republic?

Knowing that the Czech Republic is not in Eastern Europe.

Stop thinking that Russian is spoken in the Czech Republic.

Pay attention to the "title" in formal relationships.

POPULATION 10,7 million
CURRENCY Czech crown - Koruna (CZK)