Laurence Treille

President CJD Switzerland -

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Les 3 secteurs d'activité principaux des JD :

Services to individuals, local authorities and businesses

IT, telecoms

Construction, building, public works

Would you be a model entrepreneur in Switzerland?

During interviews, the Swiss is polite, friendly, listens to you and smiles. You might think you've won the case. Beware of these signals.

Francophone but not French.

For the French, thinking you're on conquered ground, reporting or comparing yourself to France or worse: lacking humility!

The Swiss can't stand delay, approximation, broken promises or disregard for rules and the State. Pragmatism, a sense of consensus and keeping your word will save you a lot of disappointment.

POPULATION 8,545 million (2019)
OFFICIAL LANGUAGES German, French, Italian, Romansh
CURRENCY Swiss Franc