Imed Karoui

President CJD Tunisia -

His top priorities for the CJD Tunisia
Make CJD Tunisia a major player in the Tunisian entrepreneurial and economic ecosystem.
A Tunisian CJD with an operating model and practices in synergy with the International CJD (values, governance, programme and calendar, training and JD path, vision and causes to defend, etc.).

A stake that particularly matters to him :
Training and raising the awareness of our Young Managers to defend the cause of a responsible, fair and inclusive economy.

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Les 3 secteurs d'activité principaux des JD :


Consulting & Training

IT Services

Would you be a model entrepreneur in Tunisia?

Don't be in a hurry! In Switzerland they have watches, in Tunisia we have time.

Think that Tunisia is a purely Arab country and fail to grasp the complexity of this country (we are African, North African and Mediterranean).

Don't think purely rationally, because Tunisians are emotional.

Never agree to work without a contract.

Remember to speak French in the private sector and Tunisian/Arabic with government departments and ministries.

POPULATION 11,69 million (2019)
OFFICIAL LANGUAGES Literal Arabic, Tunisian Arabic
CURRENCY Tunisian Dinar