Prime Minister’s speech to the MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France): ecological and social transition largely absent

On 26 August 2020, the Prime Minister gave a speech at the opening of the MEDEF summer event. The CJD commends the commitment the State has shown throughout the COVID-19 crisis, reaffirmed by the announcements on short-time work and the reduction of taxes for companies, but regrets that ecological and social transition has been pushed into the background.

As the government says, everyone must take responsibility and, as business leaders, we are ready, but what can we do without the rules of application? Mask-wearing is essential to protect our employees. However, in many companies, wearing masks must be adapted and made more flexible. This expectation is starting to be felt among our members. It is very difficult to make decisions and anticipate returning to work without having the appropriate regulatory framework in place.

CJD business leaders, like many of our fellow citizens, expect a recovery based on ecological and societal transition. We deeply regret that there are no measures concerning the environment. We intend to turn the constraint of the crisis into an opportunity. At the CJD, business leaders will continue to engage in a positive transition process. Faced with the challenges that await us, the focus must be on the transition to sustainable strategic sectors, greener finance, support for committed regions and a dynamic of responsible public procurement. These are some of the elements that will enable us to move towards a sustainable economic recovery.

The Prime Minister did not talk about the environment. We are on an approach where the environment is considered a posteriori, whereas it must be a priori. And business leaders are of this mindset. ” Emeric Oudin, President of the CJD.