Recovery plan:
The CJD calls for priority support for companies engaged in ecological transition

After a period of shock and gradual recovery for some French VSEs-SMEs, the government’s recovery plan sends a strong signal for ecological transition. The CJD, who supports an economy that respects our planet, welcomes this first step and will be attentive to its long-term applications.

The CJD welcomes the boldness of the recovery plan announced this Thursday, in line with the support for the economy set in motion by the government from the first days of the health crisis. Convinced that the economy must be transformed extensively to meet the challenges of ecological and social transition, our movement appreciates the substantial financial effort that favours ecological transition in particular. The CJD nevertheless specifies that this effort will only be effective with a real transformation of sectors and sub-sectors, and careful monitoring of the use of this aid.

We would like to emphasise the importance of prioritising VSEs and SMEs as the first beneficiaries of the financial support that was announced. In addition to having a large share of the French economic fabric, they are – by far – the main job creators in France in recent decades, a trend that will not be reversed in the years to come. As major players in the regions, these VSEs-SMEs will be at the heart of ecological transition.

Above all, the State must support well-intentioned companies committed to environmental transition”, Emeric Oudin, President of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants. Ecological transition specifically must remain an absolute priority. Since the subject of the conditionality of aid is on the table and will, we hope, be debated in parliament, the CJD calls for financial support from the State to be provided, in the first instance, to well-intentioned companies committed to transition. The economic and health crisis we are going through is a disaster from many points of view; we cannot miss the major opportunity it nevertheless offers us: that of accelerating change.